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The model range sets new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance of match air rifles is concerned. No compromise about the incorporated technology. High quality materials combined with the know-how of several generations bring optimum preconditions for the next generation of compressed air rifles. Attention should be paid to the various adjustabilities of model X.

Conversion of the stock from right to left possible without complexity. Moreover the cheek piece is adjustable in height, shiftable and pivoted. The revolutionary front stock cares for an obviously innovative looking and cares in addition for an optimal damping characteristics of the system in the Aluminium stock.

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Gehmann 3 Position Rifle Rest. Gehmann Adjustable Sling. Gifts Shooting Gifts. Add to cart. Description Q and A Feinwerkbau x Air Rifle Medium Grip-Right hand The model range sets new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance of match air rifles is concerned.

Write a Review Reviews 0 reviews. Follow us. Subscribe to our Email Newsletter.Ive shot the fwb for a few matches and experienced massive unpredctable shifts due to temperature. Interesting, could it be one bad apple? I throw Steyr Challenge FT in the mix to see who else has experienced it. The Steyr lg was pretty notorious for POI shifts if the forward barrel support was not relieved to allow free floating.

The FWB appears to have the same setup. My Steyr LG had an issue with POI shifts until I talked with someone who enlightened me about the front barrel support, The screw in the front support is supposed to be lightly snug and NOT tight, as soon as I took out the screw and dropped a small piece of teflon in and lightly snugged up the screw my POI shift went away. They are both better shooters than I will ever be.

I have never messed with the front barrel support plug and screw, and have never had any issues with poi shifts, with either gun. Contacted Harald from Steyr, and two weeks later I had a brand new reg in the mail. If you ever have a problem with your rifle, Steyr will ship you parts asap. Not via a shop or wholesaler. One more thing I have to add, the Steyr rifles are stupid easy to disassemble, and to adjust velocity with the hammer spring screw on the rear of the gun.

I wonder if the loudness improved with the double chamber compensator thing? I probably need to get the LDC adapter for backyard friendly; that would be a problem with the Anschutz since no manufacture adapter for it. I have owned a and a Steyr. In my view, the trigger on the Anschutz is better.

The Anshutz is as easy to work on as the Steyr. The trend in Britan seems to be towards the I read that the tuners versions of the are superior to the HP version of thebut that is second hand. I modified mine to 12fpe. Either can be moderated, a compensator, in my view, increases the noise relative to the shooter.

Unless you just want a European rifle you might should consider a Thomas.

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For the money these top-flights command, they ought to look and shoot great out of the box.Not so many years ago, British manufacturers were dominant in the production of Field Target air rifles. Then, in the early s, FT started getting bigger in Europe, the wheels of industry started to turn and manufacturers like Walther, Steyr and Feinwerkbau, already highly experienced in the manufacture of precision 10 metre Match rifles, looked at the possibility of increasing the velocities of such rifles and offering them to the world of FT.

The stock of the Basic is beech, which is pretty unusual in the modern world of aluminium and laminate, but it is a really nice shape and very comfortable, with an upright grip that flares from top to bottom in a sort of palm swell, slightly difficult to describe but very comfortable. Despite its looks, the stock has much of the adjustability of its rivals. It is also worth noting that it is ambidextrous, which I proved by getting my left eye dominant son to shoulder the rifle.

At the very back we have a rubber buttpad. This style is very much to my taste, although many shooters prefer much more complex pads. The pad moves up, down, left and right and the whole assembly can be moved in and out to adjust the length of pull. Next is the cheekpiece.

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This is made of black plastic and actually feels a lot better than it looks. It just about has enough height adjustment for my chosen style, where I like to keep my head as upright as possible. More height would be nice but would require a little ingenuity. Further forward and underneath is a standard target type accessory rail, which can be used for a number of additions, such as strap mounts, hand stops and knee rests.

Unusually, FWB include a knee rest, or hamster. This comes with two alloy blocks, which are used to set the height of the rest.

feinwerkbau 800x

The blocks can be slid the length of the accessory rail and are locked by a single screw. They can also be used to further adjust the height of the knee rest as well as the angle, which means it does not have to be parallel to the rail or stock. Lastly, the rest itself has a number of mounting holes, which are used to move it forward or back on the block to suit your style, they can also be used to cant the rest left or right.

So for a basic looking stock, it actually has a lot of adjustability. It is also very adjustable, with two screws allowing it to swing towards or away from the action and a third, which allows the angle to be changed as it is clamped to a round axle.Browse categories Directory Blog Login Register.

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Feinwerkbau 800 Basic FT

Mechanism Pre-charged Pneu Feinwerkbau P44 in excellent condition. I have owned FWB - Feinwerkbau W. An absolutely gorgeous FWB. With a stunning walnut stock this gun really is a treat.Log in or Sign up. Shooting the breeze - The airgun target forum. So who else is using the fwb on the circuit?? Mike PockettDec 6, I have one, how can I help? YorkshireteaDec 6, Glenn likes this.

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Was just seeing if there was more people using them as I dont see many around. Joined: Jul 30, Messages: Location: herne bay. Curious post title I'm looking for an rh grip Theres a couple of fwb on the hft circuit,not many though. It is fairly rare to see another at the same comp. MTADec 7, I had one, but admittedly did not do comps with it, I just never jelled with it, it was too much like Mechano and no better than the other guns I had but more expensive - sold it to fund new toys.

Jesim1Dec 7, YorkshireteaDec 7, Seen one of these at my local club today, looked a bit odd with the guy shooting it left handed, just looked totally wrong. Mike Pockett likes this. Joined: Sep 8, Messages: Location: Hertfordshire. I have a feinwerkbau x which has had a carbon shroud fitted to it which has calmed the bark from it I quite like the rifle myself and it is as accurate as any of my other rifles.Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - we know airguns because we ARE airgunners.

Our sales and support teams make sure you get the right airguns, ammo and accessories for your needs. And if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right. Plus, we do custom modifications and services you can't find anywhere else - all done by our team of trained airgun technicians.

See 2 customer images Share your images. Earn Bullseye Bucks. Excluded from coupons This item is not eligible for coupon discounts. Please note this test was done with the Their test string varied between fps with 8-grain pellets. Tech felt it would be tighter with JSB 8. The string started at fps. Once the velocity dropped belowthey stopped the testing. The test was started with a bar fill.

Around bar, the velocity was still pretty consistent. Each gun will be different, so your mileage will vary. Like winning? It's a dream come true for competitors who want to win.

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Converting a 10M rifle into a super-accurate field target rifle used to be the job of specialized airgunsmiths. They charged a significant amount to make the conversion. Today, Feinwerkbau builds those conversions into their finest meter air rifle, saving you that extra cost.

It has adjustments that lets the gun mold to your shooting needs. No compromises!

Finals 10m Air Rifle Men - ISSF Rifle&Pistol World Cup 2013, Changwon (KOR)

If you missed, it's not the gun's fault. Do your part, and this air gun delivers trophy-winning accuracy. Besides the obvious accuracy carried over from their Olympic rifles, Feinwerkbau's manufacturing has no equal. While it's cliche to say it exudes quality -- we have to say it anyway. Everything is fitted perfectly and everything works perfectly.

There's nothing you have to fix, nothing you have to repair, nothing you have to tune -- nothing you have to complain about.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

feinwerkbau 800x

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Feinwerkbau, in short named as FWB - A German word which means "precision technology works", is a German producer of guns including compressed air guns. The organization which was set up in by Karl Westinger and Ernst Altenburger. For three eras Feinwerkbau is producing high-accuracy sports air guns for shooters from everywhere throughout the world. Why Feinwerkbau is the best Air Gun Brand?

Model 800 X Field Target 20,4 Joule

It is internationally acclaimed best rifle by shooters. To place your order or in case you have any other query - Please Click Here to contact us. Why Order on Kiehberg Store? View as :. Kiehberg Wettkampf Gold. RWS Geco Diabolo. Air Rifle Target Paper Set of Air Pistol Target Paper Set of Special Price Regular Price: JSB Exact Monster. RWS Training. RWS Club. RWS Diabolo Basic 0. RWS Meisterkugeln 0. RWS Superpoint Extra. Diana Air Rifle Main Spring.

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feinwerkbau 800x

Ballistol oil 50 ml. Steyr Pressure Spring. O-Ring 4x1. Ballistol spray ml. Ballistol Vaseline gun grease, - 50 GMS.

RWS Supermag.

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