Xmlrpc odoo 12

In this tutorial you will learn how to create new databases, how to install modules, how to add models and how to search for data in the database or write data in the database.

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In this example I will learn you how to create a new database, how to list the installed modules, how to install a module, how to add models and eventually how to search for data and add data in the database!

The first thing that you will need for this library is the ERPpeek library, which you can install very easily:.

Odoo Experience 2018 - Interact with Odoo Using the JSON-RPC API

One of the handy methods in ERPpeek is that you can very easily create a new database by command in a Python file. In this blogpost I will be separating all examples completely so I will also add the connection code again every time. Alright let us start! Create a new folder somewhere where you can create new Python files in. So, what do we need to create a new database? A database name, the path to the server either on the same server or remote and an administrator password for the admin user.

A second thing that we need is to import the Python library ERPpeek, so we can use all the handy tools from there. The code will look like this:. So, we now have the credentials but how do we create the database?

The first thing we need to do is create a client:. So we have the credentials now, we have a client and now we need to create the database! The code:. When you now execute this Python file it will create the new database for you. Save the Python file and execute it:. After a few seconds you will see the following result in your terminal:.

Now let us continue and see which modules are already installed.

xmlrpc odoo 12

Import ERPpeek and create a new client to connect with:. The first value for the erppeek. Client is the server IP or localhost, which translates to 0. The second value is the name of your database ErpPeekDemoDatabasethe third is your Odoo username admin and the fourth is the user its password admin.

So, we now have a working connection to the Odoo database and we now need to find out which modules are installed. This translates to the following code with ERPpeek:.

When you now execute this Python file it will it will print out all installed modules. Read on in chapter 1. Import ERPpeek and create a client just like you did in the previous examples:. When the module is in the state uninstalled we can install it with client. After a few seconds you will see the following result in your terminal: Do you notice anything interesting? We can just as easy do simple XML-rpc calls!

It involves a bit more coding but it gives you the same possibilities as with the ERPpeek library. Import it and create a connection to the Odoo environment. Do you see the similarities between the previous examples where we instantiated a client in one line?

The working method is in essence the same, the code just looks slightly different and it is a bit more complex. What we did in one line in the previous examples now takes 6 lines but there is no difference in the possibilities. We now have a client to connect with Odoo so let us now create a new record.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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But it shows the following error: "This method should only be called to process a single invoice's payment. Please try the following data structure and pass to create method account. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. Active 11 months ago.

Viewed times. DATA, self. UID, self. PASS, 'account. Kira Kira 83 9 9 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Andrien Pecson Andrien Pecson 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response…. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap.Odoo is usually extended internally via modules, but many of its features and all of its data are also available from the outside for external analysis or integration with various tools.

The authentication itself is done through the authenticate function and returns a user identifier uid used in authenticated calls instead of the login. For instance to see if we can read the res. Records can be listed and filtered via search. To list customer companies for instance:. By default a search will return the ids of all records matching the condition, which may be a huge number.

It takes the same domain filter as search and no other parameter. Record data is accessible via the read method, which takes a list of ids as returned by search and optionally a list of fields to fetch. By default, it will fetch all the fields the current user can read, which tends to be a huge amount. Records of a model are created using create.

The method will create a single record and return its database identifier. For any field which has a default value and is not set through the mapping argument, the default value will be used. Records can be updated using writeit takes a list of records to update and a mapping of updated fields to values similar to create.

Multiple records can be updated simultanously, but they will all get the same values for the fields being set.

Records can be deleted in bulk by providing their ids to unlink. Provides information about the fields of Odoo models and allows adding custom fields without using Python code. External API. Connection import xmlrpc.

Integer models. Note even if the id field is not requested, it is always returned. Warning while most value types are what would be expected integer for Integerstring for Char or TextDateDatetime and Binary fields use string values One2many and Many2many use a special command protocol detailed in the documentation to the write method. Warning computed fields can not be added via ir. Cras justo odio Dapibus ac facilisis in Morbi leo risus Porta ac consectetur ac Vestibulum at eros.See the new Odoo user documentation.

See the new Odoo technical documentation. Fortunately, OpenERP provides a very comprehensive set of web services that allow you to do everything through standard protocols. Though it is technically possible, you must be aware that this can have disastrous consequences for your data, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

You are advised to shut down the OpenERP server when accessing the database to avoid caching and concurrency issues. It is a pretty verbose protocol, which may sometimes introduce a bit of latency. Net-RPC, on the other hand, is an optimized protocol particularly designed for use between applications written in Python.

Support for the SOAP protocol is deprecated at the moment, but could maybe be revived if sufficient interest is found in the community. The OpenERP server provides you with the following web services. Provides functions to create, drop, backup and restore databases. Use with caution! Lets you log in and out of OpenERP, and provides various utility functions. You will need to call the function "login" before you can use most of the other web services.

Most notably, the function "execute" lets you call methods of the Objects, such as moste of the ORM methods to search, read and write records. It can also be used to call any other method of the object, such as computing a price for example. Here is a quick reminder of the main ORM methods:. Creates a new record with the specified value. Returns: id of the new record. Returns: list of IDS of records matching the given criteria.

Returns: the id of each record and the values of the requested field. Updates records with given ids with the given values. Deletes records with the given ids. Provides access to the old-style wizards.

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Please note that the new-style wizards are based on the ORM, and as such they can be accessed though the "object" web service.

Lets you generate and retrieve reports. Here is an example process that you could follow to write data. The data mentioned above is a dictionary of keys and values, for example:.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

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xmlrpc odoo 12

Reload to refresh your session.Odoo is the world's easiest all-in-one management software. It includes hundreds of business apps:. We recently changed from Odoo 8 to Odoo In Odoo 12 we are creating orders automatically by using the external xmlrpc api.

The issue we are facing is when we set the workflow to automatic or we confirm the quotation it gives the sales order the Invoice status " Nothing to Invoice ". We need it to be on " To Invoice " for it to create an invoice automatically based on the invoiceable lines.

The sales orders that are confirmed and are on the invoice state " Nothing to Invoice " have all blue coloured sales order lines. Furthermore, when we add a new random order line by hand to the quotation and then set the quotation to automatic it does generate an invoice.

So what I think is that the settings are correctly set but we need to trigger Odoo with some kind of "onchange" functionality that it will properly register the order lines. Is there such a trigger that I can use with the external api? Or is there maybe another solution? Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes.

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How to Install Odoo 12 on Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache as a Reverse Proxy

Post comment Discard. Watch now.This book is dedicated for entrepreneur who wants to implement all-in-one business application out-of-the box for their business.

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This book covers best implementation practice for most used applications such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Financial Accounting and Manufacturing. Please comment on the page below, if you have any question related to that topic, you can also propose new topics you would like to have on the book.

You can subscribe to Youtube channel to receive an instance update about the new videos and pages on this book. Search the topics by Index or start reading the book by toc. If you have any question about this page, do not hesitate to drop your question in below comment box.

Odoo Note Please comment on the page below, if you have any question related to that topic, you can also propose new topics you would like to have on the book. About Odoo 12 Best Practices Why this book? Retailer or Distributor Adapt product price based on customer country or location e. Compute stock for the kit product based on the component stock Put your products in packs e.

xmlrpc odoo 12

How to amendment products on delivery order? Installed only inventory application Incoming Shipment How to control product received? Inventory Costing Compute the cost of product standard price Compute the cost of product average costing Compute the cost of product first in first out method Compute sell price and margin based on product cost price AVCO costing method Inventory Valuation Anglo-Saxons Compute the inventory valuation and cost of goods sold using standard costing Compute the inventory valuation and cost of goods sold using fifo costing method Compute the inventory valuation and cost of goods sold using average costing method Automatic Inventory Valuation Anglo-Saxons Automatic cost of cost goods sold when using standard costing method Compute cost of goods sold for a kit product using real price costing - Odoo Print z-report at the end of the day for each terminal separately and grouped Barcode Scanner Scan weight of the product through barcode in Point of sale Scan product price through barcode in Point of Sale Dynamic pricing without pricelist Scanning manufacturer barcode at Point of Sale Scan same product for multiple barcodes Accounting How to do credit sale through the point of sale How to pay invoice through wallet in Point of Sale?

Create default stages in the project created through Sales order How to gather feedback from customers?

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Create a website development project when customer confirm the project Check the profitability for project, compare the sales price vs employee expense Timesheet How to record time spent on Task and Project? Record time spent using Awesome Timesheet - Chrome plugin Helpdesk Managing service tickets and service contracts Customer Portal How to allow the customer to view timesheet on their task and projects?

Manufacturing Inventory How to issue material to factory location to start manufacturing order? Manage stock of liquid products in warehouse unit vs ml Compute stock for the kit product based on the component stock By-Products Wooden, Glass or Plastic sheet consumption during the manufacturing process Subcontracting Setup subcontracting in manufacturing process Partial receipt of material and bill from subcontractor Flexible MRP flows, procure semi-finish material from subcontract or manufacture or purchase Setup subcontracting in manufacturing process Dropship Material Subcontracting process for contractors Human Resource Employee Show organizational chart on employee form Managing Employee Leaves Employee Expense Manage advance payment, employee expenses and reconciliation Website and eCommerce Website How to generate leads or opportunities through website contact us page?

Products How to configure product variants that looks perfect on eCommerce page? Ordering products, variant attribute and values on the products page Delivery Cost Allow your customer to choose Normal or Express delivery at checkout Show delivery methods depending on the customer address Sales and Payment Sell subscription through eCommerce platform, receive payment through card auto-debit Selling subscription plans over an eCommerce platform.

Note If you have any question about this page, do not hesitate to drop your question in below comment box. Read the Docs v:

xmlrpc odoo 12

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